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Tonight I want to tell you a story different from the others.
I know that my emperor is a gourmet and that he knows how to choose between novellas and epics as a capable
merchant who chooses the most sublime silk: here, I’ll tell you a story that nobody knows, if not who
listens to it, but only while he’s listening to it. There will be a time a noble emperor, generous, kind, loved by his people,
who during the Deads’ night, will step on the scarlet ground of his village under a red moon:
he’ll go crazy for love. He’ll walk through the burning flames. Don’t laugh, my emperor.
Don’t laugh if what I tell you can be considered almost a joke. Here you see, all of my stories
have something of magical, magnificent and inexorable. They stick on you as a dress stitched on
the skin with the fate’s red strings. But don’t be impatient, let me first tell you
the others, all the darkest legends of the entire world. Tonight you’ll be my guest, we enjoy a
banquet together with the three dishes that this world considers the most delicious:
Pain, Passion and Death. What? Are you asking me who I am? My emperor your question is very banal:
I’m Mors, in Fabula, of course.

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