[Artbook] Quasar – Quasi Stellar EN


Name: Quasar – Quasi Stellar
Author: KyOo
Genre: Artbook
Format: A4 in color
Number of pages: 98

Quasi Stellar is the story of a young astronaut named Halley, a young girl who travels in her spaceship to deep space. Accompanying her is an otter named Mr. Dayan, her faithful assistant.
Due to the explosion of a supernova nearby, a meteorite violently hits their ship, pushing it dangerously towards destruction. To avoid that fate, the ship’s Artificial Intelligence closes the two in a safety capsule and shoots them out into space, where they find themselves wandering aimlessly. The sudden and unexpected event pushed Halley into the cosmic void, frightened by the immensity of space and by the fear of never being able to get anywhere.
Dark matter is lurking in the universe, and the protagonist needs to recharge her energy in order to survive the chaos of the cosmos. This wants to be a metaphor for the transition from childhood to adolescence, but also for the events that upset our lives, putting us in front of an apparently no way out. Halley then begins this journey with the aim of finding the interstellar matter needed to feed her inner black hole (given by the heart-shaped device she has on her chest), following a variegated path that has as its main stages the planets of the Solar System.

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